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Under Canvas Moab


Didn’t Edward Abbey say, “everything in the desert will bite you, prick you, or sting you”?

Our stay at Under Canvas Moab marked Andrew’s 30th birthday. It also marked the second time I willingly signed a release form for a recreational activity. The first was here.

With lush bedding, wonderful service, and breakfast burritos, it is easy to forget that you are in an unforgiving landscape. Yet, Under Canvas Moab offers a balance; a way to experience a unique sort of luxury while collecting enough red dirt on your clothes to confirm that you did, in fact, rough it.

If driving south from Salt Lake, you’ll hit camp 10 minutes before Arches National park and 20 minutes before Moab. However, If you want to settle in, you only need to add a few additional items to your packing list: a camp stove, a packed cooler, and a deck of cards. Otherwise, everything has been thought of. There are USB ports in each tent for charging your gear, a nightly campfire with s’more fixings at the ready, and one of the more impressive restroom/shower situations I’ve seen in such a setting.

We booked a Safari tent, but may someday splurge for one of the more secluded suites. Teepees can also be added for larger parties.

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