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The Food Truck Face-Off

With over 30 trucks going head-to-head, the Food Truck Face-Off on June 10th was the largest to date. In fact, it was the largest food truck event ever in Utah. And while the trucks could have competed for pink slips and street cred, they instead chose a worthier cause.

Aiming to end homelessness, poverty, and adversity in Utah, the Food Truck League donated over 35% of event ticket sales to local charities. In support of a good cause (and in search of a good meal) patrons purchased tickets and redeemed them at their favorite independent trucks. A true win-win-win. Complete with live music, a beer garden, and activities for the kiddos, the Northeast Corner of Liberty Park was transformed into a feel-good foodie festival.

So just how much can one night of food and fun net for local charity? Well, a lot. With 18,205 tickets sold, the event raised a total of $40,000 for charity which was split amongst the Fourth Street Clinic, Utah Community Action, Volunteers of America-Utah, and YWCA Utah.

In the end, Yoshi’s Enso Grill (best described as a rice bowl renaissance on wheels) took home the gold with 1,113 redeemed tickets. An impressive feat considering the competition included Cup Bop, the Cluck Truck, and many others.

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