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Moab, Utah: Red Cliffs Lodge

Red Cliffs Lodge Dede

The cliffs surrounding the Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah, have been the backdrop for over 100+ movies (most notably westerns) and commercials over the past 70 years. And before that? Well, they were the backdrop for real life cowboy drama.

It was John Ford, the director best known for Stagecoach and The Grapes of Wrath, who was the first to bring the landscapes of Moab to the rest of the world through film. The trend continued. From John Wayne classics, to this 80’s music video and Thelma and Louise, the beauty of the red rock (even in black and white) translates magnificently to screen.

If you’re interested in staying at the lodge, you should know it boasts the following:

  • Great rooms, cabins, and views
  • Castle Creek Winery (free tastings!)
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor pool and hot tub
  • Horseback riding
  • The Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage

Tip: It’s a winding fourteen miles outside of downtown Moab. If you’re looking for a quick place to crash for the night, save your stay for another time.

Red Cliffs Lodge Moab Red Cliffs Lodge Cabin Moab Red Cliffs Dede

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