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It’s natural to make connections–especially to wherever home is. Running off to Maui after our wedding in the Utah desert, we found ourselves relating to a landscape completely different than the one we came from.

Maui’s cowboy town, Makawao, feels like Park City–a little out of the way, but comfortably rustic and lined with art galleries (we bought this print). Other hints of home included numerous layers of fleece worn on top of Haleakala Crater as well as a fervent devotion to the local sport.

In contrast, it is also possible to become hyper-aware of the differences. With a four-hour time difference that worked in our favor, we woke up early and enjoyed longer days. Also, I could not break my habit of calculating travel time based on I-15 speeds. Maui’s speed limit is a shocking 45 in most places! As the stereotype goes, everything seems to slow down.


We stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Ka’anapali beach. The luau, breakfast buffet, and pool area were worth writing home about. However, we spent relatively little time at the beach in front of our hotel and instead drove to other, more scenic locations. On our next trip, we might save on cash and find a place to stay inland (like here or here) knowing that we will be cruising all around the island anyway.


  • Mama’s Fish House: Incredible fresh fish and ambiance! Bonus – it inspired a song battle on our flight home for the best lyrics containing “mama.”  Choruses from Waylon Jennings and Queen for the win.
  • Haleakala National Park: We went up with a group for the sunrise but easily could have gone on our own. We do wish we could have stayed longer to see it looking all mars-like during the day.
  • Waianapanapa State Park: Make sure to stop just before you finish the Road to Hana, or after your burger on the way back. Our visit here marked the highlight of the trip for us both.
  • Sip Me in Makawao. Both feeling a little off after the long, winding drive, we talked ourselves into an elixir of carrot ginger juice.
  • Big Beach! Big Beach! Big Beach!

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