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Utah Food Trucks / The Food Truck League

Like big, fuzzy bears, I imagine the food trucks in SLC spend their winters nestled away, safe and warm. And at about the same time as jort skiers and Red Butte blooms emerge each spring, so do our nomadic foodie friends.

To keep the public informed, the Food Truck League of Salt Lake City recently developed a tracking app. Users can search by truck, location, and time to find their favorites or learn about a league event. It’s pretty slick. And with the tracking precision of Grizzly Adams, the app is worth its weight in data. However, mobile minimalists can also find this info on the FTL site.

Favorite Trucks (so far):

BONUS: I just found Jill De Hann, the artist who created my favorite sugarhouse mural (row 2, left). Learn more about her work here.


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    May 31, 2017 at 4:10 PM

    I’ve never thought pictures of food trucks could be so artistic. I need that app!

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