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The Summit Restaurant – Snowbird Resort

Snowbird Eat DedeSLC

The 1969 trailer for “Of Her Majesties Secret Service” touts not a new, but a “different Bond” as it was the first time Sean Connery did not play the role. Instead, George Lazenby stars in his only 007 film. This is significant because, until that point, Bond had never been on a pair of skis due to Connery’s adversity to the sport.

In the flick, Bond leaves sunny Portugal upon learning of the villain’s hideout. The next scene swiftly finds him at the hideout—A modern fortress built high in the snowy Swiss Alps. A structure so remote and foreboding that it could only be constructed with the means and resources of an evildoer (truthfully, it was filmed at the Piz Gloria restaurant). One thing leads to another and the first Bond ski chase appears in a 007 film.

A similar quick contrast in scenery occurs when traveling from downtown SLC to Snowbird’s newest restaurant, The Summit. Within a very well-timed hour, one can make if from the city to the top of  Hidden Peak—11,000 feet above sea level.

A major undertaking and a monumental accomplishment, the restaurant took decades to plan and two summers to build. In addition to the challenge of transporting all of the materials to the top of the mountain,  it was also crucial that no damage occurred on the surrounding environment.

The Summit is a cafeteria-style restaurant and the facility offers year-round service. It is the perfect quick escape and can also be rented for parties and such.

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Snowbird The Summit DEDESLCSnowbird DedeSLCSnow Bird Summit DedeSLC



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