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DEDE SLC is proud to partner with The Food Truck League to share the stories behind your favorite local food trucks.

Throughout my interview with Jan and Rick Shurrman of Rickle’s food truck, the couple compared themselves to TV families from the past. Examples include the Bradys, a comparison to their combined families, and the Griswolds, an explanation of the organized chaos of their hectic schedules.

I realize modern TV doesn’t offer a comparison, however, many of their stories would fit nicely into a sitcom script. The premise: A warm, hilarious, and hard-working family that is always trying new things while keeping themselves too busy. The season arc would recount the build-up to their first Food Truck League event and the finale would almost certainly end in a cliffhanger as their hired help for the day (a good friend) went into labor halfway through the event. (The child was born safely later that night to a happy and healthy mother).

Perhaps what makes the Shuurmans so intriguing is that they appreciate all parts of their story. When recounting it, their highs held as much weight as their lows. A closer look at their truck reveals even more of their history through symbolism – wooden spoons with order numbers each contain a story and the Philly sandwiches on their menu have been named after their grandchildren.


The couple met 36 years ago while working at Robinito’s pizza parlor. They have since done it all: Photographer, Social Worker, Postwoman, Chef, Wedding Planner, and most importantly, proud parents and grandparents. While working full-time jobs and going to school, they found ways to make time for their passion: food.

“When food is in your blood, it stays there,” Jan informed me while smiling at her husband.

Seven years ago they found themselves ready for a new endeavor and started Rickle’s – one of the first food trucks in Utah. At the time, this was a fairly new concept for the area. “People assumed you began a truck because it was easier than other businesses,” Jan informed me. Times have changed. Food Trucks are a booming force in Utah’s food scene – thanks to those, like Rickle’s, whose hard work changed perceptions.

So what is next for the Shuurmans? They have purchased a second truck and are thinking of mixing things up. Until then, you can catch Rickles at Food Truck League events and visit them at their home base – which is actually next their charming, Kaysville home.



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