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Salt Lake Gift Guide

Shopping local for the holidays has (at least) two very positive outcomes: 1) The giver has satisfaction of knowing they are supporting their community 2) The receiver is aware of the extra thought and patience put into finding the perfect gift Below I have curated my favorite finds from local stores, artisans, and brands.   1. Firebirds Chile Co. Bloody Mary Mix Edgier than their farmers market friends, the father and son duo behind Firebirds Chile Co. now offers cocktail mixes. Available in…

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It’s not a competition. But if it were, Jackson Hole would take home the award for ‘most inspiring archetype for a frontier-based ski town.’ Its acceptance speech: a silent and sincere tip of the hat. Jackson is currently embracing a more thoughtful aesthetic. While places like the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar provide the rustic experience you’d head West in a wagon for, the overall vibe is starting to shift. Neon lights adorn newer restaurants, menus offer craft cocktails, and the lodging…

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Under Canvas Moab


Didn’t Edward Abbey say, “everything in the desert will bite you, prick you, or sting you”? Our stay at Under Canvas Moab marked Andrew’s 30th birthday. It also marked the second time I willingly signed a release form for a recreational activity. The first was here. With lush bedding, wonderful service, and breakfast burritos, it is easy to forget that you are in an unforgiving landscape. Yet, Under Canvas Moab offers a balance; a way to experience a unique sort of luxury…

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Red Butte – Water Conservation Garden

Red Butte Conservation Garden

After nearly a decade of planning, Red Butte’s Water Conservation Garden opened to the public last May. And as with all things done well, it is hard to remember – or even picture – the space without it. Utilizing the slope above the Fragrance Garden, the new expansion adds three more acres and provides two unique views; the first is the garden itself and the second is of the city and valley below. A vantage point of this quality will…

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Four tips for selecting a wedding photographer


Today marks one year for us. Since I am sentimental ALL of the time, this current influx of big feelings is mostly under control. In a way, I have been training for this all year. Every few weeks(ish), I thumb through our book of wedding photos. Then I look through all of the prints. Then I pull up the file on my computer where all 700 of the images live. I do this because I love reliving our favorite day…

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Amour Cafe Salt Lake

Amour Café is the newest endeavor for Salt Lake’s leading renaissance pair, Casee and John Francis. Just five years after the couple launched their award-winning jam, Amour Spreads, they turned their Liberty Park area industrial kitchen into an inspired cafe. The only thing curated more carefully than the cafe’s delicate decor are its ingredients. The Francis’ believe in sourcing their fruit locally first – Mother Nature permitting. Their large local community is their main source for ingredients. From sustainable family farms to rogue batches of backyard quince…

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