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Little Wild Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley Yurt

When compared to its neighbor, Little Wild Horse slot canyon has kept a low profile. Just six miles from Goblin Valley State Park, the Little Wild Horse trail leads into Bell Canyon and creates an impressive 8-mile loop that cuts through the San Rafael Swell.

Although it has taken 60 million(ish) years for water to erode the canyon to its current state, it is still very much an ongoing process. Flash floods are a possibility and, depending on the time of year, sections of the trail could require wading through waist-deep water. There is no cell service in the area so check your weather app for rain one last time while passing through the town of Green River. It is also in your best interest to then stop at Ray’s Tavern for a burger and/or pie.

Slot Canyon HikeUtah Slot CanyonSlot Canyon Hike UtahWild Horse CanyonSlot Canyon Hike Moon

The Goblin Valley campground offers two yurts that can be booked here. Yurt #1 is farther from the road, but they are otherwise the same and come equipped with air conditioning, propane heating, and a BBQ. While the Yurts are often booked far in advance, there are also some fancy campgrounds with small pavilions (a must in the heat) for trailer or tent camping.

Goblin Valley Yurt UtahGoblin Valley YurtGoblin Valley YurtNight Photography Utah Goblin-1

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