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Scofield State Park

Once or twice a year, my boyfriend, Andrew, persuades me to pack up the Jeep and drive an hour out of the city to spend a night by the campfire.

I say yes for two reasons:

  1. Somehow, after only a few short months, my memory is miraculously cleared of spiders in the tent and the lack of facilities.
  2. I have this notion that the two of us will spend the night wearing matching flannel shirts while talking about our feelings… This. Never. Happens.

What does happen is this:

  • We play endless rounds of Gin Rummy and make bets we won’t keep.
  • I inevitably wander into some briar patch and Andrew has to pull the thorns and stickers off of my pants. (I once actually got a cactus stuck in my calf. I turn into an 8 year old when I leave the city.)
  • We forget our raincoats. Or the air mattress. Or the bug spray.
  • We fall asleep while reading together in the hammock (best thing to happen to being outside: here).
  • We eat very well.
  • We drink even better.
  • I go on a “hike” up the road to find cell service. After my failed conquest, I leave my phone, along with my work email and my worries, in the car and actually check out for a while.

I become a little more fond of this time together with every trip. Below are a few of my favorite photos of some of our best trips. All of the photos were taken in Utah.

The Teepee photo: While staying at Scofield Reservoir last summer, I spotted a new addition: Teepees! You can reserve one for $30.00 a night. This is first on my list for next year. I recommend booking on a week night as they are located quite close to the RV section which is packed on the weekends. Learn more here.

Strawberry Reservoir St. George, Utah Scofield State Park

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