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Big Sur

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In town to cheer on a friend racing in the Big Sur marathon (while I ate my weight in buffalo wings and hung out with Smokey the Bear in the spectator’s tent), we made a long weekend of the event and spent a few extra days bumming around Monterey, Carmel, and the best stretch of highway in the country.

Travel tips:

  • While we got a great deal on the flights, hotel rates in Carmel are high. If you’re flying into the area and are without a vehicle, opt for the cheaper hotel rates in Monterey then spend the extra cash on a rental car. There is so much to see and it is spread out.
  • But if I could stay anywhere, it would be here… and maybe here too.
  • Pack and dress in layers.
  • Oh–and if your name happens to be Andrew or Julia, the signage makes for a once in a lifetime kitschy photo op.

Lovers Point Big Sur DedeSLCBixby Bridge DedeSLC Big Sur AndrewJulia Andrew State Park DedeBig Sur California

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