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Greece – The Village: Nea Kalyvakia

Nea (New) Kalyvakia is a thirty-minute drive from (original) Kalyvakia. My husband’s family, which consists of his grandmother’s sister, her husband, and their two sons, moved to Nea Kalyvakia 25 years ago along with most of the village. However, they never sold their Kalyvakia home. Somewhat damaged by a recent earthquake, there are still photos on the walls and wine on the shelves. The sons visit periodically to sweep and ensure things are mostly in order. Just as proud, if…

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Greece – Overview

I receive the same answer every time I ask the question: It’s easy. Puréed beets at the monastery, perfectly folded dolmades in Crete, and a midnight BBQ in the village of Nea Kalyvakia were all served with the same set of instructions. The response is neither disingenuous nor overly humble – it’s a matter of relativity. I learned by watching that appreciation for the process itself yields ease.  Throughout the evening spent at the family home of our host Eleni,…

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How the new SLC airport saved millions of dollars amid COVID-19

Originally published in the Deseret News on August 28, 2020. And now for some good news: The new Salt Lake City International Airport is opening on Sept. 15 — ahead of schedule and under budget. The airport features six international gates, and nonstop international flights to Europe will restart when the pandemic subsides. Bill Wyatt, executive director of the Salt Lake City Department of Airports, and his team are ready to welcome the world to Salt Lake City, although slowly…

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I’m back!

I’d forgotten the password to the site as well as the password to the email account it is linked to and had to reset both – it has been that long. Neglected in favor of the new opportunities it allowed, this small creative outlet has been untouched and unpaid for.  I’m aiming to spend these months at home retelling stories in a somewhat futile attempt to relive them.  Although I’m here now, let’s not call it a comeback.…

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Taliesin West – Frank Llyod Wright’s Arizona Home


After being accepted into the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (now known as The School of Architecture at Taliesin), students were instructed to pack a tuxedo and a sleeping bag. The former, to be worn each Saturday night to a formal party. And the latter, to provide warmth and comfort while camping throughout the Arizona winter. With this school, Wright created a total learning environment. It was his belief that to truly understand architecture, you must also learn and appreciate…

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Little Wild Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley Yurt

When compared to its neighbor, Little Wild Horse slot canyon has kept a low profile. Just six miles from Goblin Valley State Park, the Little Wild Horse trail leads into Bell Canyon and creates an impressive 8-mile loop that cuts through the San Rafael Swell. Although it has taken 60 million(ish) years for water to erode the canyon to its current state, it is still very much an ongoing process. Flash floods are a possibility and, depending on the time of…

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